We adapt your organization to regulations such as the RGPD, ISO 27001, PSD2, ENS ...

Through the service of adaptation to the regulations of entities, we study your entity and implement the legal texts it needs to adapt, as well as the necessary procedures to integrate them.

Data Protection

  • Departmental interviews
  • Implementation of Procedures (Notification of Security Breaches, Appointment of DPD, Proactive Responsibility, Exercise of ARCOPOL Rights, Election of Managers of Treatment ...)
  • Regulation Application Manuals
  • Adaptation Reports

Information Systems Security

  • ISO 38500: 2008 implementation. IT governance
  • ENS implementation
  • ISO 27001 implementation

Normative compliance

  • Adaptation of the entity to national and European regulations on financial and terrorist financing prevention, PSD2 Directive, etc.